• 4 star rating  In from out of town and wanted a good pizza. I found it here. Excellent pepperoni pizza.

    Jeremy P. Avatar Jeremy P.

    5 star rating  Great pizza, great selection of interesting beer, relaxed casual atmosphere. Had a good time.

    Steve Herold Avatar Steve Herold

    5 star rating  This is some good pizza! Try the margarita pizza. Get extra basil.. you won't be sorry!! 🙂

    Sue M. Avatar Sue M.
  • 5 star rating  After falling this past July, I began experiencing unbearable neck, shoulder, and back pain, along with a terrible exacerbation of... read more

    Jean Bergman Avatar Jean Bergman

    3 star rating  The food here is very good for sure from what I can tell from only one visit, but it is... read more

    Chad S. Avatar Chad S.

    5 star rating  This is a great place! My son's and I had a lot of fun and a great time. Thanks

    Dan McEldo Todd Avatar Dan McEldo Todd
  • 5 star rating  First visit here and I'm hooked!  Always considered myself a pan pizza, fully loaded pizza girl but we had the... read more

    Kim S. Avatar Kim S.

    1 star rating  I was stoked to hear about a real Neapolitan style wood fired pizza place in Huntsville. There's now a wood-fired... read more

    Susan T. Avatar Susan T.

    5 star rating  Great place-great people.
    I came to Holten with a constant pain do to arthritis and bulging disk in my upper back... read more

    Paul Tarango Avatar Paul Tarango
  • 5 star rating  I first came to Holten Wellness about 5 months ago. I was in so much pain that I couldn't... read more

    Kristina Wright Avatar Kristina Wright

    4 star rating  Very good pizza. Had the Latham with sweet potato, onions, goat cheese...very good. Chewy crust. Finished off with chocolate bourbon... read more

    Carrie R. Avatar Carrie R.

    4 star rating  Out of town guest but great beer selection and great space for a drink. Was there on a Wednesday and... read more

    Monal Shah Avatar Monal Shah
  • 2 star rating  Cool vibe but overpriced. The pizza is really dry, the crust is almost like a burnt cracker. Also, extra marinara... read more

    Carrie T. Avatar Carrie T.

    5 star rating  Second Best Brewery in the area (IMHO) right behind Straight to Ale. They benefit from incredible pizza served by the... read more

    Tony Craig Avatar Tony Craig

    5 star rating  This place is amazing. Seeing your pizza made right in front of you and slid into that gorgeous oven is... read more

    CJ S. Avatar CJ S.